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Theft Protection Policy

At Neutronic Ebike, we understand the importance of safeguarding your valuable investment – your ebike. Our Theft Protection Policy is designed to provide you with peace of mind, and we want to ensure you are aware of how it works.

Coverage Details:

The amount you'll pay if your ebike is stolen depends on your actions and the Liability Limit you have chosen:

Zero Cost (No Liability Limit):

You pay absolutely nothing if you lock your ebike properly as per our Liability Policy.
Take a photo before and after locking it to provide evidence.
This option is enhanced if you have contracted our Reduced Liability option, ensuring no out-of-pocket expenses.
$5,000 Liability (Full Liability):

If you are unable to provide a photo of your ebike (including the lock) securely locked before and after it was stolen, or if you do not possess all the keys provided with the stolen bike, you will incur a charge of $5,000.
Always remember that you are responsible for any removable batteries left on the bike when it was stolen, incurring an additional cost of $700.
Tips to Protect Your Neutronic Ebike:

Bike theft is a significant concern, and we strongly advise the following precautions:

Lock Properly: Always lock your Neutronic ebike securely using the locking system provided by Neutronic EVERY TIME you park it.

Avoid Overnight Parking: Never leave your Neutronic ebike locked up overnight on the street or in an insecure outdoor location, such as a front porch or accessible backyard.

Take Photos: Capture a photo of your Neutronic ebike securely locked EVERY TIME to support your theft protection claim.

We are committed to ensuring your Neutronic ebike ownership is a worry-free experience. By following these guidelines and our Theft Protection Policy, you can ride with confidence, knowing your investment is protected.

If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact our customer support team at [Your Contact Information]. Your security and satisfaction are our top priorities.

Thank you for choosing Neutronic Ebike, where your ebike experience is our utmost concern.

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