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At the moment all bikes are made of Aluminium Alloy 6061, but there are plans to upgrade to Carbon fibre in the future.

Rentals are all in Black, purchased bikes can be customized to any Colour (please provide colour code in notes at checkout)

All of our plans come with Premium Liability in the case of Theft, Loss or Damage to the ebike. You pay absolutely nothing if you follow our policy procedures.All our plans include Standard Liability, meaning that the most you would pay for damages is $1000, per event. If you contract our Reduced Liability, the most you would pay for damages to the bike is $350, per event.


At the moment we can only offer faster shipping options to Canada and the USA, but are able to ship worldwide.


Canadian Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, Amex)Debit Cards (Security deposit of $500 minimum required with debit card payments)Foreign credit cards (Security deposit of $500 minimum required with foreign credit cards payments)Please note that all card payments MUST be in the renters name. We do not accept payments made on behalf of renters by a third party.Neutronic ebike does NOT accept: Prepaid Cards or Foreign Debit Card

We do not believe that ebikes are car rentals and we will not charge any extra fees for unintended scratches.For Damage to the bikeYour Neutronic ebike includes free servicing for normal wear-and-tear that occurs with riding the ebike - this means we look after most flat tires and wear on components such as brakes, gears etc. free of charge.You are, however, responsible for costs related to non-wear-and-tear damage, including accidents - even if you were not at fault. You do not pay for any scratches

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